Best Identification Strategies

Making the decision to investigate the advantages of item level identification, tracking and/or authentication is a significant step for you; selecting the right means of providing that unit level identification capability is just as significant. Trego Integrated Systems experience can help you understand the tradeoffs required to make these decisions. Issues like cost, mark technology, permanency, readability, need for uniqueness, and adaptability throughout the appropriate stages of your products’ life cycle are just a few of the considerations that can play a significant role in your analysis, development and implementation.

While most identification technologies can be provided through either direct part marking (DPM) or labels, not all can. Capital costs may play a role in the decision, if new marking or label application equipment is required. Whether your particular need is to only preserve individual unit identity within your manufacturing operations, all the way from your raw materials to your products’ end of life, or anywhere in between; Trego Integrated Systems has the background and expertise to help you make the right choices and correct final decision.