Trego Integrated Systems can partner with you to create factory automation and/or traceability systems.

You know your business. Trego Integrated Systems knows traceability, automation systems, and program management. Together, we can:

  1. Understand your needs and where individual unit identification is your optimum solution

  2. Build a plan to develop and implement those solutions
    1. We don’t sell our solution; we help design and build the best for you from “best in class” components and technologies available
  3. Utilize our expertise to guide you through the development and implementation process
    1. a.  Including equipment, data, engineering, manufacturing, quality, and logistics systems
  4. Provide support for your organization on systems, whenever and wherever needed
We apply our expertise gained in the semiconductor industry (one of the most competitive, fast paced, and complex) to document your needs, design the most efficient and effective solutions available, integrate those designs into your existing environment, and then provide the means of measuring their impact on your bottom line.