Data Integration

Regardless of the environment, in today’s world, data, and information from that data is critical to the success of almost any business. With the introduction of item or unit level traceability, the potential volumes of data can explode on an unsuspecting new user. Without clean, timely integration of this new data with existing systems can result in both unnecessary costs and the waste of resources.

This is why Trego Integrated Systems takes such great care in understanding the true needs of the customer. Ensuring that only the required data and the appropriate tools to change that data into useable information is one of the critical elements in any implementation.

The management of data collection and usage are integral parts of any project. Understanding where the data should come from, its lifespan, and where it will be used to make decisions drives many decisions in the design of the final product. This understanding can only be achieved through close partnering with your experts.

Whether management, engineering, manufacturing, logistics, quality, or any of the other “players” in your business have a need for unit level data, each must be recognized as a source of input and review as the project progresses. Financial, shop floor control, shipping/receiving, and quality control may be just a few of the existing applications that may/should be impacted by the implementation of item level tracking; and each of these typically have existing processes and data systems into which any new system must be integrated. With our time tested project management methods, we can ensure that your data integration needs arrive intact with the delivery of your new system.