Channel Partners

Trego Integrated Systems is constantly looking for opportunities to partner with world class product providers. Areas of focus in these strategic alliances are:

  • Item/unit identifier placement (barcodes, 2D DataMatrix, RFID, Holograms, etc.) with capabilities in laser marking, dot peen, labels, ink marking, active/passive RFID tags, etc.
  • Manufacturing process equipment integration experience
  • Demonstrated identifier reader capabilities in a variety of user environments
  • Demonstrated data systems design, development, and integration

Key considerations in the identification of potential strategic partners are; in order of importance:

  • Demonstrated experience in delivery of key product(s) to industry
  • Financial stability
  • Demonstrated innovation or flexibility with product delivery
  • Application of ISO 900x concepts
  • Excellence in post-installation customer service
  • Capability to provide global support