Data Integration

Data integration between multiple systems in your business can prove to be a huge contributor to “the bottom line.” Stepwise progression in the integration of data systems can be a very cost effective means of working to a final goal.

For example, the ability to link manufacturing with engineering, quality, and logistics systems alone, can yield important bonuses in a number of ways. Marrying quality data with engineering and manufacturing data to produce an ongoing picture of your production capability can identify, control and resolve product issues in the shortest time possible. This in turn, limits the amount of wasted time, money, and manpower absorbed in inadvertently producing defective product; which then reduces the amount of material that needs to be quarantined, contained and reworked or scrapped from the supply chain through your logistics system.

When this data is made available at the item level, the impact to products manufactured in lots or under continuous flow scenarios yield even larger benefits by further limiting your exposure to massive, highly invasive recalls. Additionally, a relatively immeasurable, although very real additional impact can be to customer satisfaction and your overall corporate image as a leader in your industry. Trego Integrated Systems can help you develop your vision, plan and solution in data systems integration to maximize the value and minimize your total investment.