Trego Integrated Systems (TIS) is an industrial automation consultancy, but ultimately, we are problem solvers.

The most important skill founder Jim Trego brings to TIS may be his least technical — the ability to listen. Instead of approaching a project with the idea of selling the client on a product, Jim approaches each project and each company with the goal of optimizing how they run their operation.

Jim’s background in industrial and electrical engineering and focus on systems engineering, translates to both immediate and long-term solutions for his clients. His approach ensures his clients can adapt as their business grows.

As a veteran owned small business (VOSB), TIS delivers customized solutions based on hyper-specific manufacturing, mechanization, inspection, or supply chain needs. From simple mechanization to complex automation, we collaborate with your internal experts to develop the right solution.


Understanding your unique problem is the only way to effectively solve it.


We strive to be a valuable partner, not just a vendor passing through.


Trego is in the solutions business and every solution requires a plan of attack.


We work with you to develop an execution strategy.

Partnering with industry leaders in manufacturing, technology, distribution, and standardization.