Through the inspection process, Trego Information Systems (TIS) helps identify defects impacting an entire operation. While inspection does not, on its surface, add value to the manufacturing processes, it can provide a potent source of data and contribute to use of a quality integration methodology. Inspection can also be implemented at a reasonable cost. Ineffective inspection — lacking accuracy, precision, or repeatability — can literally, make or break a company.

  • Machine vision, X-ray, and other automated vision technologies can be done in both 2 and 3 dimensions (2D/3D), depending upon the requirements of the products being manufactured.
  • Substitution of machine-driven inspection for human-based inspection can dramatically improve end-product quality and customer satisfaction, while saving money.
  • Utilizing proven techniques, TIS can resolve questions of appropriate technology, lighting configurations for each situation, and what data acquisition and information feedback speeds are needed.