Trego Information Systems (TIS) can analyze and document your manufacturing processes, whether single process steps or complete product flow, to deliver manufacturing cost reductions at many levels.

Our tools for process improvement include (but are not limited to):

Operations layout

To optimize operations, TIS often examines the physical positioning of equipment, tooling, materials, component storage, and product flow on the manufacturing floor, while considering operator and maintenance access.

Process mapping

TIS develops a step-by-step representation of product manufacturing flow from start to finish. This map can include scrap disposition and rework of product that failed quality requirements. Together with an operations layout, process mapping helps identify production logjams, avoidable processing delays, and other issues that may have relatively simple solutions, once identified.

Continuous improvement analysis

TIS implements small scale change in the production environment and then collects data to determine the impact of that change. These analyses can be used to evaluate efficacy of operations before applying the change on a large scale, saving both money and potential missteps.

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

MRP effectively plans for all resources of a manufacturing operation. TIS may propose MRP to address operational production planning for predicting all components, personnel and equipment availabilities — in each process step, at its correct time — for optimized production. Whether commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) or custom, financial planning and other “add-ons” may be included, and simulation capability may be provided to answer “what-if” questions.